Pauper's Air Fresheners
"We bought Cilantro N Herb air freshener
this summer at the market. To say we love it
would be an understatement."
Enjoy the scents as many
already have!
Pauper's Candles
are now made
Solar Power
and we are
lov'in it!
2 Tumbler Candles
for $22.00
One of each scent or
two of the same scent

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Harvesting summers bounty and storing it up for the winter is always a sense of
satisfaction.  I am about done and ready to reap the fruits of my labor.  My new canning
adventures this year was making Pickled Zucchini and Pickled Eggs. I am pleased with the
results am becoming a fan of pickling.  I also am making my first batch of Spiced
Crabapple Butter from our Crabapple tree that was so plentiful this year.  With Fall
closing and Winter approaching,
Pauper's Candles has its Fall and Winter scents ready
for you to enjoy:  
Christmas Cabin, an all time favorite, NorthWoods Christmas, Harvest
, Three Trees, a Pauper's Original, Apples N' Oak, Spiced Pear, and Pumpkin Pie
.  I love burning candles with the warm scents of  Fall and Winter and I know you
will too.