Pauper's Air Fresheners
"We bought Cilantro N Herb air freshener
this summer at the market. To say we love it
would be an understatement."
Enjoy the scents as many
already have!
Pauper's Candles
is now made
Solar Power
and lovin it!
Free Energy!
2 Tumbler Candles
for $22.00

One of each scent or
two of the same scent

~ Remember Free shipping ~
Time to weed, weed, weed and then plant here in North Idaho. It always amazes me
how ready I am for gardening each year.  Potatoes and onions are planted, tomatoes and
peppers that I started inside are just about ready to plant outside and our strawberries
are blooming and coming online.  Our new peeps are now outside and I have cleaned up
all the chic dust that was in my house.  With all the new "life" growing on our property,  
Pauper's Candles is introducing its new scents for this Spring and Summer;
Che Bella, Raspberry Slushie, and Lily.   Enjoy!