Creates Soy Candles using Solar Energy
we generate ourselves.
Each Candle is hand poured using
100% non-GMO Soy Wax,
Cotton Wicks and Pure Essential Oils
or Premium Grade Fragrance Oils.
We also create Air Fresheners
that are made with the same essential
or fragrance oil as our candles along with
distilled water, and 100 proof vadka.  
You are sure to enjoy freshening
your living space
with our Air Fresheners!
Pauper's Candle Company is a home-based
business that is powered by Solar Energy,
which is created by us on our own property.  

To follow Pauper's Candles and read about what
our business is doing,
learn information about our candles
and discover why we make our candles
the way we do,
we would love to have you follow us on our blog.
Living a Sustainable Dream blog is
where the owners of Pauper's Candle
Company share with you about
living on your own land, solar
energy, homesteading, gardening and
much more about rural life.  

This is our dream and we encourage
you to reach and work for your
goals and dreams as well.
Pauper's Year Round Candle & Air Freshener Scents
Signature Scents:
Sweet Orange Chili Pepper
Cabernet Sauvignon
Salty Sea Air
Red Currant
White Ginger and Amber
Grandpa's Pipe
Toasted Marshmallow
Vanilla Velvet
Patchouli Lavender
Herb N Garden Scents:
Tomato Leaf
lantro N' Herb
Basil Sage Mint
Fresh Cut Grass
Pauper's Seasonal Candle & Air Freshener Scents
Signature Scents:
Cinnamon Red Hot
Cinnamon Clove
Spiced Pear
Harvest Moon
Nag Champa
Christmas Cabin
NorthWoods Christmas
Three Trees
Herb N' Garden Scents:
Pumpkin Spice
**These Scents are available September- December**
Pauper's Candle Company
Creating Soy Candles with Solar Energy
Est. 2003

Sandpoint, Idaho USA